After effects free download & free trial

Are you planning lớn tải về Adobe After Effects Crack? Are you looking for không lấy phí versions & alternatives to this Adobe product? Do you have sầu doubts as to whether you should go the illegal route? In this post, you will find the answers to lớn your questions, không lấy phí alternatives to the cracked Adobe After Effects and will learn how to get it legally.

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What Is Adobe After Effects Crack?

Adobe After Effects craông xã is distributed as a “free” program. However, you should remember that it is illegal and goes against the terms of use. Getting the software in this way may lead lớn problems with your PC và they may start already during the installation.

Cracked Adobe After Effects Mac or Windows version will ask for a special key khổng lồ activate the program. You will have sầu khổng lồ look for this key on unofficial websites and it will be provided for a limited time. It means that after a couple of weeks, you will have lớn waste your time searching for và installing không tính phí alternatives.

Windows Adobe After Effects CC 2021

Filename: (download)
Filesize: 1.14 GB

Mac OS Adobe After Effects CC 2021

Filename: Adobe_After_Effects_2021.dmg (download)
Filesize: 1.33 GB

Adobe After Effects Crachồng Is Dangerous?


When buying a licensed version of the program you need, Adobe guarantees that you will have only positive experience using its official software.

Below, you can read about the types of problems you might encounter when using the Adobe After Effects cracked version for Windows or macOS.

Malware/viruses. When downloading hacked software, you risk infecting your device with viruses. Quite often, when trying to get the illegal version of the program from a third-các buổi party website, we come across liên kết with all sorts of malware that disguises itself as the program you need.

No tư vấn from Adobe. You will have sầu no possibility to contact customer support if there are any problems or malfunctions while using the sản phẩm.

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Malfunctions & errors. With an illegal version, you are more likely to get regular malfunctions. These types of problems are a result of hacking the activation system of the legal version.

Load on your PC system. The illegal version of Adobe After Effects will create a registry entry, can launch automatically or create a service that works in the background. As a result, your computer will be cluttered with the data that you don’t need or you don’t know about. Your computer and all the programs will work slower.

It’s illegal. Getting Adobe After Effects miễn phí tải về with craông chồng may lead to lớn considerable financial loss because it is illegal. In case you can’t afford licensed software, using không tính phí alternatives is a better choice.

Legal Versions to lớn Adobe After Effects Crack

Before downloading the illegal After Effects Crachồng, you should get acquainted with the official programs. You will see how convenient, fast & safe it is khổng lồ work with the licensed software.

There are several special subscription plans from Adobe that include After Effects. It is a part of the Adobe Creative sầu Cloud family, so you have sầu the possibility khổng lồ buy several programs at the same time và save a bit.

1. After Effects 2021

Platforms: Mac OS, Windows Price: Free trial or $20.99/month"s Rating


With this bundle of programs, you will be able khổng lồ create amazing projects ten times faster. This offer is great both for personal use & for large companies or organizations. All the programs sync through Adobe CreativeSync. With Creative Cloud Libraries, you can launch projects from any device and any place. It will also help ensure security through advanced identity management.

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Adobe After Effects Craông xã Alternatives

If the high price of the licensed product stops you from buying it, you should consider getting a không tính tiền alternative. This is a safe option that will not cause any problems to lớn you or your PC & is also perfectly legal. Here are some không tính tiền After Effects alternatives with all their strengths & weaknesses.