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Etabs installation & cracking procedure

1. Introduction of Etabs:Etabs is a sophisticated, yet easy khổng lồ use, special purpose analysis and thiết kế program developedspecifically for building systems. ETABS features an intuitive sầu and powerful graphical interface coupledwith unmatched modeling, analytical, & kiến thiết procedures, all integrated using a common database.Although quick and easy for simple structures, ETABS can also handle the largest và most complexbuilding models, including a wide range of geometrical nonlinear behaviors, making it the tool of choicefor structural engineers in the building industry.Most structural engineers use 3 chiều integrated structural analysis và thiết kế software in their daily work.These software makes modeling geometries of structures & analyzing loads much more efficient,therefore decreasing the time & effort needed for finite element analysis. Though most structuralengineer uses these mainly:1. SAP20002. STAAD.Pro3. RISA-3D4. Etabs5. Tekla Structures6. S-FRAME7. SCIA8. PROKON9. Revit Structure10. SAFEIn our country Etabs is mostly use for design and analysis for concrete frame structures. Etabs is inductionby Computers and Structures, Inc.(CSI). They revealed a newer version almost every year. One of the fewof their published versions is:1. Etabs 9.02. Etabs 9.13. Etabs 9.24. Etabs 9.55. Etabs 9.66. Etabs 9.77. Etabs 20138. Etabs 20159. Etabs năm 2016