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KMS Activator or Windows KMS Activator Ultimate is probably one of the best software lớn activate Windows và MS office for free. Download KMS Activator 2021 crachồng of Windows 10/8/8.1/7 & Office 2019, năm nhâm thìn, 2013, 2010 on this page


Do not attempt to lớn download KMS Activator Ultimate V1.0, KMS Activator Ultimate V1.8, … Download instead Windows KMS Activator Ultimate v4.8 2021 which is the lachạy thử version of KMS Activator updated this 05 August 2019 to craông chồng Windows (10, 8, 8.1, 7, …) and MS office (2019, 2016, 2010, 2010, etc) for free

What is KMS Activator?

As with any other program or không lấy phí activator software, KMS Activator is a small, very safe and virus-không lấy phí activation program that allows you lớn activate Windows and Office on your Pc without the Windows License Key.

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There are two versions of KMS ACTIVATOR (Paid & free). Here we give the links to lớn download the không tính phí KMS Activator version with an activation limit of 180 days but renewable at its expiration.

Products supported by KMS Activator

KMS Activator 2019, 20đôi mươi – 2021 activates the products below. Supported Windows operating systems are :

KMS Activator for Windows :

· Windows Vista· Microsoft Windows 7· Windows 8· Microsoft Windows 8.1· Windows 10· Microsoft Windows Server 2008· Windows Server 2008 R2· Microsoft Windows Server 2012· Windows Server 2012 R2

KMS Activator for Office :

KMS Activator 20đôi mươi also activates the following MS office versions:

· Office 2010· Microsoft Office 2013· Microsoft Office 2016· Ms office 2019

KMS Activator installation file information

Number of Downloads50.000.000+
Size1.05 Mb
Operating systemWindows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP

Download KMS Activator for Office 2019, năm 2016, 2013 or Windows 10, 8.1 or 7

You can tải về KMS Activator for không lấy phí in 10 seconds using the button below. However, if the tải về does not start, please simply refresh the trang đích cần seo.


Password archive:

New password of KMS Activator archive: kms

How bởi I activate Windows or Office with KMS Activator 2021?

Here’s how to lớn install KMS Activator to lớn craông xã All versions of Windows or Office for life

STEPhường 0 : Download and install Net Framework on your Windows Pc.

STEP 1: Disable your antivi khuẩn and disconnect from the mạng internet.

STEP.. 2: Decompress the KMS Activator archive sầu with decompression software. For example: WinRar or Winzip.

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STEP. 3: Run the “thiết đặt.exe” tệp tin in the folder by following the installation steps và instructions on your screen.

STEP 4: Once the installation is complete, Launch KMS Activator as administrator,

Step 5: Press “Clean Activation History” và then press “Update Server” khổng lồ update the KMS Update Server.

STEPhường 6: Select your operating system type from the menu and Cliông xã “Activate Now”.

STEPhường 7: Done, enjoy.

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KMS Activator Older versions to lớn craông xã Windows và Ms Office for free

Below are the older versions of the KMS Activator available for không tính tiền tải về.

KMS Activator 4.8

KMS Activator 4.7

KMS Activator Ultimate 4.6

Mini KMS Activator Ultimate 1.2

Mini KMS Activator Ultimate 1.3

Mini KMS Activator Ultimate 1.4

Mini KMS Activator Ultimate 1.5

If you have any questions, please vì chưng not hesitate to mention it in the comments section or liên hệ us. read our privacy policy for more information on the site