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Baông chồng LV and MV Electrical Design & nguồn Distribution Engineering Ecodial Advance Calculation
The reference tool for powerful và compliant electrical installations.Time savings & increasohamobi.comd productivity:Verification of electrical network consistency prior khổng lồ calculation of solutionsohamobi.comrrors reported và identified on the single-line diagramCalculation reports and information immediately usable.High added value level:Consideration of the installation operating modes và the need for continuity of supplyConsistency of choices between calculated switchgear & proposohamobi.comd equipmentHarmonization of the protection scheduleQuiông chồng access khổng lồ choices of alternative solutions.Enhanced expert image:Compliance with calculation standards: compliance with the CENELEC TR50480 technical reportCompliance with installation standards: non-conformities are automatically reportedCompliance with hàng hóa standards: all recommended Schneider Electric products comply with applicable standardsGuarantee of having the most up-to-date offersComplete study file: automatic generation of kiến thiết notes và cable & protection schedule.Installation conforming to applicable standards:Complete compliance with calculation & installation standardsGuaranteed safety of persons and equipmentReworking to conformity of the existing installation.Optimized & lathử nghiệm generation solution:Installation operating constraints and need for continuity of supply are taken inkhổng lồ account as from the design stageChoice of products out of the lachạy thử Schneider Electric ranges.

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2.30 GHzInstalled Memory: RAM 4.00 GB (2.73 usable)3. Browsohamobi.comr Requirement: The usohamobi.comrs’ PC should have sầu the Internet explorer(IE) version 9 và above.This is required to completethe usohamobi.comr registration &, also lớn complete the registration process, usohamobi.comr must be connected lớn theinternet.Screen Resolutions supported
For Smartphone PC display: 1366 × 768 (recommended) with “landscape Orientation.”
EcoStruxure lets you thrive in today"s digital world. Make better business decisions with scalable và converged IT/OT solutions.

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