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Name : FPlusVersion : ProOS : WindowsType : Facebook Marketing ToolsPrice : $100 Best way lớn kinh doanh in Facebook . Auto lớn Post và Marketing Facebook Software


Facebook message khổng lồ group : Automatic postings, images Website liên kết up the entire group, on the walls friends. Share article : AutoShare all signed, photo lớn album, Clip, sự kiện, webiste liên kết ... on the entire group, the walls friends. Published on Pages : Automatic posting & sharing articles on the menu page by từ khóa or ID found from the graph tìm kiếm. Skết thúc a message : Automatically skết thúc messages to lớn all members of the group. Automatically post lớn head up comments : Automatic bình luận và post to lớn head up the group. Avoid bloông chồng : The software automatically stop when warned of Facebook spam.

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Search Graph Search : Search for target customers in a variety of conditions UID output khổng lồ spam messages. Search Page và Group : Search page & contain your target group have a member lượt thích page or group. Spam phản hồi on articles in Pages & Groups : Spam comments with pictures or link khổng lồ new articles published in the pages or groups. Joins : Find groups by từ khóa and automatically join the group found. Invite lớn Group : Automatically invite a frikết thúc khổng lồ all of your team. Automatically send a friover invitation : Automatically send a friend invitation series suggested by facebook.Facebook message to group
Share articles, photos, album, đoạn Clip, page, event ... Facebook directly emulates multiple photos Facebook directly emulates website links, links posts facebook Facebook directly emulates status Facebook API image Facebook API trang web links Facebook API statusFriend Share articles, photos, album, video, page, event on the walls friends Backup photos friends reached the checkpoint image (Tab sign wall Friends) Disconnect your series (Tab sign wall Friends) Make friends from file uid or suggestions facebook Cancellation requests you have sent Automatic validation friends EM email scanning from the diễn đàn website EM email scanning from pagePages Share articles, photos, albums, videos ... on the other page Facebook directly emulates multiple photos lớn other page Facebook directly simulator status, trang web liên kết, liên kết to articles facebook page Facebook API pictures, status, links to websites other page Invite all your friends lượt thích pageComment Automatic phản hồi posted up news Automatic bình luận accompanying photos on the other page"s post Automatic comment accompanying photos on the post in the group Tag membership group on post Send a message Sover a message attached image tệp tin uid Sover your friends danh mục 1 uid Skết thúc a menu of people lượt thích or comment on posts Skết thúc a group member listJoins Request joins from uid, Keyword Joins with the larger number of members x Support for joining the group, invite your nick in the Ad Group Automatic left the group has less members Bloông xã of group adminsInvite to lớn Group Invite one or more friends lớn all your group Invite all your friends in your group 1 Invite friends khổng lồ join eventSearch Graph Search Search uid target customers in a variety of conditions such as residence, gender, age, marriage, seen the movie, read a book, have lượt thích, a member of the group, came, you shared, are doing, graduated... Find UID who like page Find ID group has a larger number of members x Find ID group & advanced pageFind UID via App Find uid friends 1 someone Find uid members Find uid who lượt thích article Find uid who has commented articles Find uid who has commented link Search page id, group Keyword Scans gmail from uid S?T found EM tin nhắn scanning from pageThe different functions on FPlusChrome (Set FPlus will FPlus & FPlusChrome) Using multiple login multiple niông xã tab Login with proxy Using the Chrome browser, fplus use IE Log group multiple alternate nick, niông xã after đôi mươi group transfer, change proxy, reset Dcom Comment page rotation many niông chồng, niông xã transfer đôi mươi page, change proxy, reset Dcom Skết thúc a message rotational many nick, nichồng transfer đôi mươi page, change proxy, reset Dcom Interaction friends, bình luận lượt thích stauts friends Scan UID from gmail or phone number