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You can tải về and play Tirã Quest: Legendary Edition MOD APK for free on sohamobi.com. Please follow the instructions to lớn complete the game installation.

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Table of contentsIntroduce about Titan Quest: Legendary EditionMOD APK version of Tichảy Quest: Legendary Edition

Introduce about Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Tirã Quest was first released on the PC platkhung in 2006. Although more than 14 years have sầu passed, but this game has yet to lớn decrease the popularity of the market. HandyGames even released an Android-only version, Titung Quest: Legendary Edition, with an original story và a slew of content that allows you khổng lồ pay for tải về. It’s on sale on Google Play for $ 20.24. This cost includes the entire paid content plan (DLC) và does not contain ads. However, you can also tải về this game for free on our website.

The plot

Titung Quest: Legendary Edition begins with the fact that the Dark Titans arose after a long imprisonment by the Olympians. That makes their hatred for the human world khổng lồ the extreme. A Tichảy trio called Telkines broke the pipe connecting Olympus between the gods & humans, lớn terrorize the world with a mighty Titans.


Even though this is just the beginning of the plan for revenge, don’t let it happen. Because once the Telkines succeed, humanity will be wiped out và the gods will have sầu the same outcome. Find a way khổng lồ reconnect the Olympus liên kết to lớn bring these evil Titans lớn the darkest prison, while proving lớn the gods that humanity can thrive without the protection of them.


Tichảy Quest: Legendary Edition is phối in the Pre-Roman period, humanity is thriving but is also facing the worst. The Titans have sầu been liberated lớn the world, you need to find the leaders, destroy them and bring peace khổng lồ the world.


You start playing in the village of Helos – where crops are being destroyed by animals. The villagers (NPCs) will guide you, giving you the weapons và skills needed khổng lồ destroy them. As the nội dung unfolds, you can explore new lands, take on new challenges và enemies.

Your character also gradually becomes stronger in the journey. That allows hyên ổn to lớn learn more powerful fighting skills. If unfortunately, he is defeated in a battle, he can be revived at the nearby checkpoint, but with some experience points deducted.

Currently, the game has 3 DLCs you can play: IMMORTAL THRONE, ATLANTIS & RAGNARÖK. The system will summarize their content with a piece of text, you can read it before proceeding to download. But in general, each of the above sầu DLCs leads khổng lồ a great battle with the quái nhân. You need khổng lồ continuously develop the strength of your character, use tư vấn items khổng lồ have a chance lớn defeat them.

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Tichảy Quest: Legendary Edition is a role-playing game, with haông xã & slash gameplay. Its control mechanism is quite familiar & simple, you will soon catch up with the game if you have sầu played role-playing games on di động phones. The skill & action virtual keys are arranged in the right corner of the screen, while the virtual joystiông xã on the left side controls the character’s movement.


In it, the weapon symbol represents a standard attaông chồng. They vị not consume mamãng cầu so they can be used continuously. Skills are different, the character will thua trận mana when used & have sầu to lớn wait for the cooldown.


As said before, the character can learn new skills as he leveled up. He also adds không tính tiền attribute points khổng lồ add khổng lồ one of his personal attributes: intelligence, strength, health, dexterity, or energy.

In addition, the character can also equip additional armor, weapons & some other costumes lớn increase stats. These items can be obtained by battle, or rewarded for completing NPC’s quests. Some of the available weapons include swords, clubs & axes. They are all melee weapons & have a similar mechanism of action.

MOD APK version of Tichảy Quest: Legendary Edition

MOD feature

DLCs Unlocked: Paid content has been unlocked. You just need to lớn install the APKs file (by using any SAI app, such as sohamobi.com Installer), then play it for không lấy phí.

Download Titan Quest: Legendary Edition MOD APK for Android

Join Tichảy Quest: Legendary Edition, you join a journey through the pre-Roman world, between the war of the gods và the evil Titans. You can create your own hero khổng lồ fight evil, explore famous landmarks from the ancient world like Babylon thành phố, the pyramids or the Tartarus aremãng cầu.

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Last word, Tichảy Quest: Legendary Edition is không lấy phí khổng lồ download here, but its kích cỡ is quite big. Make sure your device has 4 GB of free space and Android 5.0 or higher lớn install and run the game.