Eviews 9

Econometric Views (EViews) is an advanced and powerful statistical, modeling, forecasting và simulation software with a simple object-oriented interface. It is not uncommon khổng lồ be used as a “weapon” lớn analyze study research data by academic researchers, students, và corporations. EViews was originally designed as an economy analyzer, but for now this software can not only be used to analyze economic data alone, but almost any kind of data analysis. Along with its development, EViews now widely used in the analysis such as: financial analysis, macro and micro economic forecasting, simulation, forecasting sales, cost analysis and many more.

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EViews 9 Enterprise Edition Full Craông xã – EViews 9 Enterprise Edition contains all of the features of EViews 9, but with advanced features including support for ODBC and supports for some commercial data & database vendors. EViews 9 Enterprise allows you khổng lồ direct access và connect khổng lồ your propriety data sources to lớn ODBC databases and other popular database formats.

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EViews 9 Features:

Autocorrelation, & partial autocorrelationAutomatically-updating formula seriesConvert data between EViews & other formatsEasy-to-use automatic frequency conversionEmpirical distribution function testsExtensive library of operators và statistical functionsLong-run variance and covariance calculationNumeric, alphanumeric and date seriesPowerful language for expression handlingResampling and random number simulationSupport for regular & complex data structuresBuilt-in tools for whitening regression, và many more.

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What’s new in EViews 9?:

Automatic ARIMA forecastingCapture & recording Command lineEnhanced data import and linkingForecast evaluation và averagingImproved graphing capabilitiesNew frequency conversion methodsNew TAR, ARFIMA, & ARDL estimatorsOther new features và improvements.




How khổng lồ install?:

Disconnect from internet (Must)Complete EViews 9 installation##Use “Demo” as Serial NumberDon’t run then exit if runningRun “Crachồng.exe” và then applyCheers and enjoy EViews 9 EnterpriseBloông xã the program by a firewall

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