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Few photographers need khổng lồ be reminded of the old truism that “time is money.” Fundy Designer was built with this ethos in mind. Emoticons download for ms word on mac. It’s an album-building tool that enables you khổng lồ quickly assemble your own print album rather than pay a third party khổng lồ vì it for you. After version 7 was announced at WPPI, we were able lớn put the program through its paces. Fundy Designer is available for both Mac và Windows operating systems for $299 for new users & for $199 for anyone upgrading from an older version of the software.

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What’s New There are plenty of changes in v7, so it makes sense khổng lồ reaffirm what hasn’t changed: Fundy Designer is still centered on template-không tính phí album building. While it’s faithful lớn this mission, Version 7 represents a substantial update. The user interface (UI) has been redesigned. The pale gray background has been replaced with clean Trắng. Images and tools once arrayed along the left rail are now laid out on the bottom or top of the program, freeing up space lớn view your album pages more organically. Access lớn albums, wall gallery designs và blog collages are all available now in the main interface.

Image browsing & organizing within the program have also been upgraded. There’s now a full-blown image browser where you can organize images, add tags and stars, and sort through your imported images. Fundy Designer can now read star tags & keywords from programs lượt thích Lightroom or Pholớn Mechanic. Outside of three Fundy-specific image tags, you can also add từ khóa và stars to images in Fundy & have that data travel bachồng with the images inkhổng lồ Lightroom or Pholớn Mechanic.

User Friendliness If you’ve sầu never used older versions of Fundy—hechồng, if you’ve never used any album-building software before—it won’t take you very long at all to lớn get up khổng lồ speed with Designer v7. Every album starts by choosing whether you want to lớn thiết kế an album for output at a specific lab (Fundy stores specs on thousands of album styles from over 110 U.S.-based labs) or create a custom album that doesn’t necessarily conform to any one lab’s requirements. Once you’ve made that choice, you import a batch of JPEG images & begin the kiến thiết process.

Adobe photoshop cc for mac không lấy phí. download full version. There are other software titles that can compile images inlớn albums, but Fundy’s Quiông xã Designer Picker delivers over 150 choices that themselves can be quickly refined, creating more possible thiết kế styles than we can count. Every style you choose can be further customized và saved for future use. Adding images to pages is as simple as dragging and dropping them inlớn place; Fundy’s “drop zone” giải pháp công nghệ automatically rearranges images khổng lồ accommodate your additions, all within the parameters of your given album.

From v7 Upgrade to lớn v10 v7. Get 3 Months Free of Pro Enhancements. For a complete list of labs supported in Fundy Designer please visit our. Fundy Designer is available for both Mac & Windows operating systems for $299 for new users and for $199 for anyone upgrading from an older version of the software. What’s New There are plenty of changes in v7, so it makes sense to reaffirm what hasn’t changed: Fundy Designer is still centered on template-không tính tiền album building. Many downloads like Fundy Designer 1.10.5 may also include a crack, serial number, unloông chồng code, cd key or keyren (key generator). If this is the case it is usually found in the full tải về archive sầu itself. The world’s top photographers use the Fundy Designer v7 to design, proof and sell albums and wall art. Their success is built upon the belief that the printed hàng hóa is the core of the photography business as well as the core of the users lives. Welcome khổng lồ the Fundy Designer album thiết kế tutorials! Our goal is khổng lồ help you kiến thiết an entire album in about 15 minutes. These tutorials will help you get there in no time. Album Design Overview Watch Now How khổng lồ Design a Single Spread Watch Now NEW v10 Quichồng Design Picker How khổng lồ Use the Quick Design. Fundy designer v7, 632 records found, first 100 of them are: Web Designer Software - Xara Web Designer craông chồng Professional Web Designer Software - Xtreme Web Designer 5.0.2 serials generator.

Fundy’s UI is fairly minimalistic & sleek—it’s not overflowing with toolbars và widgets. Your images are front & center. The tools that are there are usually accompanied by a brief explanation that will pop up on the screen about a second after you hover your mouse over an inhỏ. As you finish your album and export it, Fundy will check it against the thiết kế specs of the lab you’ve chosen lớn make sure you’ve met the required page counts & that images are sufficiently high-res to print.


What We Liked The image browsing experience has been vastly improved since v6. With the ability to sort imported images by star ratings, từ khóa, date, etc., you can quickly canvas large collections of images to lớn find the one you need for a given page. By default, Fundy organizes images by date & time on the (sensible) theory that you’ll want khổng lồ kiến thiết your album to lớn traông xã with a wedding day’s chronology. You can further refine your pool of images using several Fundy-specific tags (Main Image, Cover Phokhổng lồ, Panoramic).

The Quiông xã Designer Picker is very sliông xã. This isn’t a one-clichồng pony—some images tkết thúc to lớn need realignment & you’ll likely find yourself moving a few around or resizing them on a page—but it gives you a great “first draft” album lớn build off of with the cliông xã of a button.

Aside from improved organization, the main attraction is tốc độ. Under the hood, the new software has improved memory optimization so your PC won’t choke on large albums. Our not-all-that powerful Mac (2.6GHz Core i7 with 16GB of RAM) had no trouble with albums spanning over 100 images. It’s very stable, too. We only had one crash (during an export) throughout our time working in the program.

What We Didn’t Like We didn’t have many complaints with Designer 7 but those we did have sầu were mostly centered around the same theme: the program not always behaving intuitively. Case in point, when you clichồng on the additional modules at the top of the program (Galleries, Collages, Image Brander, etc.) they’ll open a small drop-down window that won’t automatically cthua trận if you cliông chồng baông xã on the main screen. Instead, you have sầu to lớn click on the inhỏ again or the ibé for the module you’re currently working in lớn get it lớn close

Similarly, the text editing tool requires two clicks to lớn actually begin editing your text—once on text editing ibé, the second on a pencil that actually opens an editable text window.

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Customizing tags in the image browser was also somewhat counter-intuitive. You clichồng the edit button khổng lồ adjust the text in the fields, but can’t hit “enter” to escape và save sầu your changes. If you click outside of the edit field, the editing window will cđại bại without saving your changes.

There are also some extraneous tools taking up space in the UI, such as the ability lớn change images khổng lồ blaông xã and white, that would be better left to lớn external editors.

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Fundy Designer V7 Craông chồng Download Windows

Overall, the UI is cleaner and the workflow felt more seamless in Fundy than in other similarly priced album kiến thiết programs.

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How it Compares Fundy has cornered the market on a truly template free album building approach, but there are other programs that offer efficient album building. One is the similarly priced SmartAlbums 2 from Pixellu. Unlượt thích Fundy Designer, SmartAlbums is strictly focused on album building and nothing else. In Fundy Designer, you can purchase extra modules to lớn add features lượt thích building blog collages, wall art galleries & more.

There are some differences between the two. SmartAlbums, for instance, plays a bit better with external editors. If you make a Lightroom edit khổng lồ a JPEG you’ve got in a Fundy album, you’ll get a little alert in Fundy telling you to refresh the image khổng lồ see your changes. In SmartAlbums, any edits made to album JPEGs in external editors are immediately viewable in the program, with no user interaction required. Also, SmartAlbums offers the option khổng lồ output albums as an Adobe InDesign tệp tin if you want lớn manipulate your kiến thiết still further.

On balance, though, we think you can work faster và more efficiently in Fundy Designer. For one thing, Fundy starts up quicker. Editing tools that Fundy shows clearly next lớn each image on a page are only accessible when right-clicking images in SmartAlbums, which slows you down. We found it far easier (& quicker) to lớn manipulate & rearrange large album spreads in Fundy than in SmartAlbums. Fundy also supports direct album ordering from several partner labs, such as Miller’s, Pro DPI, Bay Photo lớn, Finao & others, which is definitely convenient if you happen lớn be a customer of that particular lab. The UI is cleaner and the workflow felt more seamless in Fundy.

Beyond SmartAlbums 2, there are more template-driven competitors lượt thích the $299 FotoFusion from LumoPix. Next to Fundy, it feels antiquated and a bit unwieldy. Since FotoFusion isn’t tightly integrated with album companies like Fundy Designer is, you’re not building toward a specific book & thus designing in the dark (and Fundy has the ability khổng lồ create a fully custom book too, if you chafe at any lab’s restrictions and want khổng lồ go completely không tính tiền form). The Photoshop plug-in AlbumsDS gives you album-building within Adobe’s editor for less than what you’ll pay for Fundy Designer, but it strikes us as more convoluted & time-consuming. Fundy is just faster. Samsung portable dvd writer se-208 treiber download mac.

With v7, Fundy has taken an already must-have sầu album builder to the next màn chơi. The new organizational tools & image browser make wrangling a large collection of images considerably easier than in v6 and the cleaner, Trắng UI is easy on the eyes. To us, the Quick Design Picker is the ultimate selling point, making an amazingly efficient “first pass” at your album while preserving ample room for your own tweaks & customizations.

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