Iobit uninstaller pro full version 10

IObit Uninstaller Pro

Integrated with up-to-date uninstall giải pháp công nghệ and it helps you remove sầu unneeded programs easily even when Windows “Add or Remove Programs” fails. Besides removing unwanted applications, it also scans and removes leftovers easily. The most attractive sầu part is that it makes a restore image before every uninstallation. With the newly added Toolbars Uninstallation Module, IObit Uninstaller helps you remove sầu unwanted toolbars thoroughly.

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What’s new?Newly support removing plugins of Microsoft Edge (Chromium)Better UI for a more user-friendly experienceTwo skins: Dark & LightLocalization: 38 languagesIncreased uninstall tốc độ by 50%


Cleaner & More Stable PC: As time goes on, your PC will easily become slow after piling up too many leftovers in the registry after general uninstallation. But now users can remove sầu the programs and all leftovers quickly with just 1 cliông chồng in IObit Uninstaller and get a cleaner, faster, and more stable PC. Additionally, you can also remove sầu programs and pre-installed apps in Windows 10.Faster & Safer Browsing: Some malicious plug-ins, toolbar, và unwanted injected programs will be installed into lớn browsers without any notice, which will frustrate you by slowing down your surfing tốc độ & annoying ads pop-ups. The improved Toolbar và Plug-in removal will monitor & remove all these useless programs & give sầu you a fast and clean online surfing experience. And the newly enhanced Chrome plug-ins removal can remove the plug-ins not installed via the Chrome store.

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Powerful và Safe Uninstallation: Many stubborn programs cannot be uninstalled or uninstalled completely in an easy way. IObit Uninstaller Pro can powerfully remove sầu them & delete all the leftovers, including the registry và file directory of some stubborn antivi khuẩn programs. IObit Uninstaller Pro will continue the unfinished uninstall process caused by system reboot, và it also can create a system restore point before every uninstallation in case of unexpected happens.

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More Powerful Tools: Sometimes users will forget khổng lồ remove the leftovers after uninstallation, & the new tools in IObit Uninstaller Pro you can help them continuing powerful scans for the programs in the uninstall history, as well as cleaning another useless update/install package và invalid shortcuts, etc. Download IObit Uninstaller Pro, & you can even easily find the basic Windows Tools in it.Screenshots