How to crack powerpoint ppt/pptx file password

When you forgot or lost PPT/PPTX file password, how to recover/craông xã it? PowerPoint Password Rescuer was designed khổng lồ craông chồng PowerPoint presentation password with four attack types. The program supports all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, including 2003/2007/2010/2013/năm nhâm thìn etc. Now let"s see how lớn use PowerPoint Password Rescuer khổng lồ craông xã a PowerPoint ppt/pptx file password:


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Purchase PowerPoint Password Rescuer full version and install it on your computer.

You can download the không tính tiền trial version from the download links on our website. It can recover a password with less than three digits.

2. Add a PPT/PPTX tệp tin which you want khổng lồ craông xã its password:

After installation, you will see the following main interface. Cliông chồng "Open" button (or click "File | xuất hiện File" on thực đơn bar).


When a xuất hiện File Dialog pops up, select your target PPT file & cliông xã "Open" button.


3. Choose an attack type to crack PowerPoint password.

There are four attaông chồng types in the program for you to lớn craông chồng your password with high speed. They are Brute-force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary AttackSmart Attack.


Option 1: If you choose Brute-force Attack, the program will try all possible combinations in the specified Range.

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You can change the password length on "Length" Setting, then the program will try all passwords combinations whose length is in the range you set. Minimal password length: Set the minimum password length. Maximal password length: Set the maximum password length.


Option 2: If you choose Mask Attack, you should offer some password symbols which you can remember. Give the symbols you remembered, replace the unknown symbols with "?". Such as ac???ab. A Password Mask must be defined when you choose Mask Attack.


Option 3: If you choose Dictionary Attack, cliông chồng "Dictionary" on the tab bar.


"Dictionary" Settings:Simply select the desired dictionary tệp tin. In addition, you can select an option "Smart mutations" or "Try all possible upper/lower case combinations"


Option 4: If you choose Smart Attack, all settings are set by default. And the program will try all password combinations until found the right password of your PowerPoint document.

4. When you complete all settings. Clichồng “Start” button(or cliông xã "Attack | Start" from menu bar) to lớn start the cracking.



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For a moment, the right password will be successfully recovered, and displayed in the dialog box. Copy it và use it to open the protected PPT/PPTX document.