Download Proteus 8.8 Professional completely không tính tiền by Mega and Mediafire. Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, whether 32 or 64 bit systems.

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This version of proteus does not cchiến bại itself, it does not suffer from unexpected closings, nor does it stop in the middle of a simulation, it is a completely stable program.

Proteus is an electronic thiết kế software, it has become very popular in recent years due to lớn its compatibility with the arduino platsize. It is possible to simulate the Arduino development boards và all its sensor modules easily using proteus.

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COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8.0 / 7 / VISTA / XP 32/64 Bits.

IMPORTANT: You must remove sầu any previous version of PROTEUS that you may have sầu installed on your PC.

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Instructions for installing Proteus 8.8:

Unzip the downloaded file, PASSWORD: sohamobi.comLook for the Installer called “Proteus 8.8 SP1” & run as administrator.Go to lớn the “CRACK P8.8” folder and run the “LICENSE MANAGER LABCENTER” tệp tin.If you have sầu an old Proteus license, it will be indicated on the left side “Installed Keys“, in this case you cliông chồng on it & then cliông xã on the “Remove” button.Now you cliông xã on “Browse For Key File” và look in the folder “CRACK P8.8” for the license with name “KEY 2099“, then on Install, then on Yes & finally on cthất bại.Now we return khổng lồ the Proteus installation window, clichồng on “Next“, select khổng lồ use the local license, “Next” (you will see the license data, including the exp date: 2099). And very importantly, choose a “Custom” Installation. You will notice that there are two different installation directions, choose the direction at the top and replace it with the one at the bottom, that is, both directions must be the same, now continue giving “Next” until the installation finishes.Go to lớn the folder “CRACK P8.8” again, and copy the folders called “BIN” và “MODELS“, now go to lớn the folder:C: Program Files (x86) Labcenter Electronics Proteus 8 Professional & paste here both folders, you will get a confirmation message, select replace and continue.-Go to the folder “CRACK P8.8” you will find a file called “P8.8.sp1” you copy; You go khổng lồ the windows desktop & look for the PROTEUS inhỏ that was created through the installation, right click on the inhỏ & then on “mở cửa in the file location“, it will open the folder where the program is installed, in this folder paste the tệp tin và then exedễ thương it with a double cliông chồng, with this the Software will be activated.Finally I recommend configuring the program so that it always runs as administrator, for this go lớn the Proteus 8 inhỏ on the desktop, right cliông xã / Properties / Compatibility / Always run as administrator / Apply and accept.