Proxifier v3

Proxifier 4.05 Crack is the most effective and advanced lightweight client that most legion people use. In the past, everyone wanted online privacy or used a firewall-blocked package. It allows network applications. It does not tư vấn operation through proxy servers lớn be run through proxy và SOCKS or HTTPS chains. Thus, it will help you khổng lồ run any web package or application through a personal proxy. It also gives you website privacy, no one will see what you do on the website. In addition, the Proxifier Free Download is best for personal work. However, it improves the performance of your network if you choose a fast proxy. Very simple to lớn use và configure a live sầu information board on the main interface. Today with the lathử nghiệm công nghệ.

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Proxifier 4.05 Serial Key supports UDP in the same way as the communication protocol of any port. IPv4 Tunnel Connections via Associate in Nursing IPv6 proxy and vice versa. Many proxy protocols are used in the same chain.

Proxifier 4.05 Key Features:


Installation package in an exe pháo tệp tin (approximately 4 MB)Installation requires administrator rights. After installation, Proxifier can be run by all users.Silent mode (unattended) is supported.All Proxifier 4.05 Patch binaries are signed with an Initex digital certificate issued by a trusted root certification authority.The portable edition does not require installation và can be run from removable media.Special installation packages (MSI, ZIP.., XCOPY deployment, etc.) can be provided on request.Personal settings are kept during the update.Automatic kiểm tra for updates at startup.


Proxifier 4.05 License Key can handle all outgoing TCPhường connections.Full IPv6 support.IPv4 tunnel connection via the IPv6 proxy & vice versa.

Proxy Servers

SOCKS 4 & SOCKS 4A (hostname support) with user ID authentication.SOCKS 5 with username/password authentication.HTTPS with basic authentication and NTLM (explicit and transparent mode).HTTP. with Basic Authentication (HTTP.. connections only).Tested with all major proxy VPS implementations including Microsoft ISA, Blue Coat, WinGate, Dante, Squid,Apađậy and others.Failover (redundancy list) allows the allocation of a certain number of backup proxies. The expiration time isconfigurable.Transparent proxy failure for client applications if redundancy is enabled.Each proxy can be given a short name (label) which can be easily used in other parts of Proxifier.

Proxy Chains

Arbitrary length.Different proxy protocols can be used in the same chain.The on-chain proxy can be enabled/disabled.A convenient user interface that allows channel creation & rearrangement by drag và drop.Load balancing chain.

Client applications

Support for 32 và 64-bit applications.Windows services & applications run by other users (configurable).Transparent proxy for client applications.Better compatibility with third-tiệc nhỏ software. Automatic conflict resolution logic.

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Both DNS & DNS via proxy are supported.Hybrid mode.Automatic detection of DNS mode.DNS over Proxy is supported for all proxy protocols.List of DNS exceptions with wildcards (for example *

Flexible configuration

Proxy rules can be based on the application name, IPhường address, hostname, và port number.Each rule can be assigned to lớn a proxy, chain, bloông xã, or direct connection.Rules are processed from top to bottom and can be remix.Wildcards & masks are supported for applications, IPhường addresses, and hostnames (for example * ứng dụng.exe; 192.168. *. *; * ranges for IPhường addresses and port numbers (for example,–; 80–1234).Live sầu syntax checking with highlighting.Individual rules can be activated/deactivated.The proxy context menu (right-click on an arbitrary .exe pháo file) allows dynamic proxy selection for single session applications.

Configuration Deployment and Management

The configuration is saved in a protệp tin tệp tin (* .ppx).Human readable XML format.Unlimited duration.Quick profiles move from the danh sách.Profiles can be managed as files. Import và export supported.The silent profile is loaded with the command “Proxifier.exe cộ profile-name. ppx silent-load”.Proxy password-encryption profile with the user’s current login information or master password.Support for basic and 256-bit AES encryption.A system-wide profile that is forcibly used for all users.Users can enter login information interactively if the login/password is empty on the protệp tin.Proxifier can interactively request a username/password if authentication on the proxy fails.Automatic protệp tin updates from remote website servers. User proxy login information is retained.Option to force profile password encryption through the system registry.Protệp tin Proxifier which is fully compatible with Windows & Mac versions.

User interface & interaction

Live connection information including ứng dụng name, target host, time/state, rules/proxies, received/sent bytes, & more.Live traffic graph (bandwidth).World Statistics Live.Direct output with 3 levels of verbosity.Màu sắc indication.System tray ibé with a traffic view.The customizable user interface that persists on restart (window kích thước, panel layout, etc.).

Logs và Troubleshooting

Detailed error messages.Log files.Detailed mode for screens & log files with detailed output.Traffic dump.Automatic self-check kiểm tra at each start.Automatic conflict detection ngắn gọn xúc tích.Custom crash reporters.

Support & Documentation

Detailed documentation with photos and examples.Versions available online & offline (integrated).Fast and professional support by e-mail.Than English.

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What’s new in Proxifier 4.05?

(Released on March 9, 2021)

Silent installation & uninstallation fixed.“Cannot connect lớn placeholder (fake) IPhường address” error fixed.Improved logic of rules processing when “DNS over Proxy” is enabled.IPv4 preferred IPv6 for the localhost connections.Customizable subnet for fake IP addresses.Improved handling of errors related lớn protệp tin loading.Documentation updated and linked in UI.Log window auto-scroll fixed.Improved trial và license registration experience.Minor UI optimizations & improvements.




System Requirements:

Proxifier 4.05 Keygene & Activator 2021 Full Version Free Download from the link given below: