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Software,Tekla Structuressometimes brand XSTEEL known,the applicationof the very popular và efficient & professional design and modeling of advanced & modern metal structures và concrete behemoths lượt thích stadiums and towers for civil engineering structures And developers & developers of metal structures, which are able to lớn analyze & kiến thiết all structures by 3D modeling.In addition to lớn providing a simple, easy-to-use environment, this software has the ability to lớn automatically complete all the maps of the workcửa hàng plan with all the details và details automatically and without the need for any manual drawings.The steel section of the software is known as Xsteel. This section also draws và controls the steel fittings thoroughly & accurately.

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The Tekla Structures software in the steel sector is a powerful tool for the use of structural engineers & developers of metalworking & metalworkers" designs, which, for the following reasons, has placed itself at the forefront of the most advanced software of the structural engineering group.In fact, TEKLA STRUCTURES software, in other words, X-STEELsoftwareA strong model for industrial và construction structures, và today a significant portion of these types of structures are modeled around the world with this software.Creating và installing drawings including the outputs of this software, which is easily linked with AutoCAD software.Also, the project inventory danh sách, tonnage và danh sách of bolts & nuts used for the whole project can be easily calculated.This application in the kiến thiết of connections, allows the user lớn examine the collision và reduce the probable problems in the installation.The Tekla Structures software can be used to lớn Model both steel và concrete structures. Of course, the program"s capabilities are great for modeling steel structures, especially bolt và nut structures.In the application environment ofMacanalytical Mã Sản Phẩm is created with the help of STAAD.Obviously, even the best designers in the two-dimensional space industry are always faced with executive problems due lớn work in a two-dimensional space, let alone industrial works such as refineries that deal with different departments, such as plumbing, equipment, electrithành phố, & instrumentation. Faces parallel khổng lồ the structural part.For example, the support of the plumbing section, the possibility of placement of equipment, and the possibility of the passage of cable trays ... In a 3D-based Reviews, these problems are solved carefully và without problems.Key features of this software Tekla Structures:- The possibility of making a structural and structural Mã Sản Phẩm of steel with concrete real-life details can be made- Analysis và thiết kế of all structures in the size of 3-Dmodels - Display of the Model made on the computer with details such as washers, bolts , Lacquers, sheets- Moving in the mã sản phẩm & seeing it from different angles, you can move sầu like an obhệ thống engine inside it.- Ability to analyze and kiến thiết a variety of structures in new versions- The ability khổng lồ create workshops for automatic installation and installation- Provide a variety of material estimates & Lustoff reports for executive tasks, các mục of parts for bolts & nuts with length và ...- The possibility of splitting projects Great khổng lồ several sections to lớn split inkhổng lồ several phases- Group work on a project at one time to lớn tốc độ up the project- Connect & transfer data with other software such as: Pdms, SAP2000, ETABS, Staadpro, Microstation, etc.- Transmitting data readily by various CNC machines- Providing cutting maps lớn minimize distancesAt the workshop- Easy environmental và easy to lớn use- No need for any manual drawing- Full steel kiến thiết of the steel fittings- and ...

The release ofTekla Structures18 software makes the long road from thiết kế khổng lồ reality easier.In the mid-1960s, computers và automatic data processing were well established in Finlvà.Companies that performed advanced engineering computing also adopted Automatic Data Processing (ADP). Due to the ever-increasing amount of computing work và the lachồng of resources, a group of engineering offices established a joint software company.The company, named Teknillinen laskenta Oy ("technical computing") was registered in February 1966.
The same spring, the company"s trading name was abbreviated lớn Tekla.Tekla"s first office was located in Helsinki, Finland. Foundation for Tekla"s operations was defined as ADP. consulting, computing services, training courses and software development.Six planning committees were formed in 1967 for the latter purpose, representing the different industries of the shareholding companies.The purpose of the planning committees was to define the features of common software in cooperation with Tekla"s employees. In fact, these committees created a Model for Tekla"s future working way: starting projects lớn develop new programs in conjunction with customers.Tekla Structures 18 takes BIM from thiết kế to realityCollaboration between the construction project stakeholders is on the rise và Tekla Structures 18 reflects this.All project stakeholders from architects, fabricators, contractors, designers & engineers to lớn on-site builders benefit from improved access lớn more constructable, accurate, and complete 3 chiều Model data. With the new version, workflow is more efficient và intuitive sầu than before, which reduces lead times in modelingThe result is increased overall design productivity.Easy modeling và improved intuitiveness in drawing editing ensure that what you see is what you get.Improved automation minimizes user errors and needs for troubleshooting. Practical examples of the improved workflow assets are better connectivity to machinery & export functions.When you export a Model lớn an IFC format, you have more options: you can include grids, custom information, và export reinforcements in a light or detailed way.Tekla Structures is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that enables the creation và management of highly detailed, highly structured 3 chiều structural models regardless of material or structural complexity.Tekla models can be used to lớn cover the entire building process from conceptual kiến thiết lớn fabrication, erection và construction management.Tekla Structures is one hàng hóa available in various configurations & localized environments that provide a specialized phối of functionality to lớn suit the construction industry"s specific segment và culture needs.Collaborative sầu workflows are the key lớn minimizing errors & maximizing efficiency in the building & construction industry.This results in high profitability and on-time project completion.Tekla effectively integrates into lớn other AEC industry software through the Tekla Open API ™, while maintaining the highest levels of data integrity & accuracy.The Tekla xuất hiện API is based on Microsoft® .NET connectivity software and provides the state-of-the-art interface for collaboration between software systems.Analysis & DesignTekla Structures software can interface with several analytical & kiến thiết (A và D) packages through the Tekla mở cửa API.In addition, Tekla Structures links with A & D packages by tệp tin transfer.Supported formats are, for example, SDNF, CIS / 2 & IFC structural.If you use in-house A và D calculating spreadsheets, Tekla Structures can also links with these.The benefits of linking with A & D packages:- Coordination & visualization of the model,- Both engineers & draftsmen can work on the same project model- Efficient change management keeps project info up-to-date
Operating SystemTekla Structures 2016 is supported by the following operating systems:64-bit Windows 1064-bit Windows 8 / 8.164-bit Windows 7 SP164-bit Windows is required by Tekla Structures năm nhâm thìn.32-bit Windows is not supported.Additional software componentsTekla Structures năm 2016 uses Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 & Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 and 2013 Redistributables.These software components are automatically installed by the Tekla Structures năm 2016 installation package, if necessary.However, if you are distributing Tekla Structures 2016 in a centralized way using .mđê mê packages, then you need to download these software components from the Microsoft website site and install them separately before distributing Tekla Structures.Hardware componentsEach component plays a role in the reliability, performance và usability of the computer.The essential components for reliability and performance are the power supply unit, memory, graphics card, và processor.From an ergonomic point of view, the important components are monitor (s), graphics thẻ, keyboard, and mouse.

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Power supply unitThe power supply unit (PSU) is one of the few items in the computer that will affect the reliability of your entire system.It is often the most undervalued, under-appreciated component, yet one of the first components khổng lồ cause failure.Your computer has a specific amount of power that it needs to lớn draw lớn work.What you need to lớn consider when choosing a PSU is the average running load that your computer consumes when running.On the Internet there are many power supply calculators that you can use to lớn calculate the running load.We recommkết thúc using a> 600W PSU.MemoryMemory requirements vary depending on the form size of the Model.Large models require more memory.An average set-up for lighter projects is a 64-bit operating system with 8 GB of RAM.If you are working with heavier projects, you should consider having a computer with more RAM.It is not unusual lớn have sầu 16 GB or more RAM when working with large models.chú ý that the supported amount of RAM varies within different 64-bit Windows editions.Also note that especially with laptops the physical limits of supported RAM modules may be low.Processor"The faster, the better" is the rule that Applies with processors.lưu ý that Tekla Structures does not tư vấn Itanium processors.Graphics cardTekla Structures rendering using OpenGL technology, and graphics cards with good hardware support for OpenGL provide the best performance.You can mix Tekla Structures to use DirectX rendering instead of OpenGL by enabling the DirectX rendering switch in Tekla Structures settings.We bởi not have sầu the resources khổng lồ thử nghiệm all the cards in the market, so we have sầu selected our NVIDIA graphics card based on our chạy thử platsize.In 3 chiều software, the importance of a good graphics thẻ is highlighted, but up-to-date graphics drivers are equally important.You can install the most recent graphics driver from the manufacturer"s trang web.Graphics thẻ manufacturers have sầu slight differences in their OpenGL implementation, và there may be differences in picture unique even between cards using NVIDIA chips.Therefore, it is good khổng lồ evaluate & chạy thử the cards before purchasing.A special application has been developed for testing and evaluating graphics cards for Tekla Structures for OpenGL purposes.

Install the software by running the TeklaStructures2016Software.exe cộ tệp tin.2- Run the TeklaStructures2016ServicePack4Software.exe tệp tin khổng lồ update the software.4. Copy và replace the TeklaStructures_application.dll file from the Crack thư mục at the software installation location (default path C: Program Files Tekla Structures năm nhâm thìn nt bin).5. Run the software.

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Hints:Env_sr4 and Offline help files are available for download & installation in different languages ​​because of their high volume.
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