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Visual Studio Craông chồng 2021 Lademo Version Free Full Download

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Visual Studio 2021 is one of the most important multitruyền thông tools in software field. This is more energizing software that is commonly used khổng lồ build projects containing software solutions, comfort apps, và graphical user interfaces. It has a great capability lớn provide you a very fantastic facility with a great practical collection of tools & services that facilitate you to lớn develop different applications.

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It’s easy khổng lồ miss that you’ve sầu opened a read-only file in Visual Studio: When you open a file you can’t change, a tiny little loông xã inhỏ appears on the tab of the editor window to lớn the right of the file’s name. By default, Visual Studio won’t even tell you that you can’t change the tệp tin until — after you’ve made all your changes, of course — you try lớn save the tệp tin. Only then vì chưng you get the bad news with a dialog that gives you three choices:

You can create a new fileAttempt lớn overwrite the tệp tin (that is, attempt to lớn make the tệp tin writeable)Cancel and go baông xã lớn the file which holds a ton of changes you can’t saveNotice the absence of an “Oh, just throw everything away” option.

If you’d prefer to know about this problem before you start making your changes then you just need to lớn phối an option in Visual Studio. Go to lớn Tools | Options | Environment | Documents and uncheck the option called “Allow editing of read-only files; warn when an attempt lớn save.”

Now, when you start to make changes to lớn a read-only tệp tin you’ll get that dialog box asking if you want to create a new file, make the file writeable, or cancel. This time, the cancel option will return you to lớn a file that you haven’t invested any time in.

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By the way, và for the record, the “make writeable” option never works. It’s just there to lớn give sầu you hope … and then crush it.


One feature Microsoft heavily emphasized at Build is the ability lớn mô tả debugging sessions, too. That means everytoàn thân can phối breakpoints & get the full logs. While writing code is one thing, being able lớn nội dung debugging sessions may actually be even more important to many developers. Live sầu Share supports all major languages, including C#, Pyeo hẹp, Java, Go, & C++.

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New Features:

Solve warnings & suggestions at the push of a button.Get AI advice from the communityShare code in real-time using collaborationExperience new ways to work with teams, improve và maintain the system, work with groupsyou lượt thích, & many other improvements.Improved IntelliSense performance for C ++ filesLocal development with many co-simulators.Simplified test access in Solution ExplorerGit management and repository creation in the IDE.Kubernetes tư vấn has been added khổng lồ Microsoft Azure workloads.